Do you pride yourself in being a perfectionist? Have you positioned it to yourself and to others that you simply want to reveal your best self, that’s why you want everything to be perfect? Where are you a perfectionist? At work, with your home or perhaps with your body?

Did you know ‘perfectionism’ isn’t actually considered to be a positive trait, in fact it’s considered to be a self-protection tool. It’s a voice in your head that says if you look perfect, be perfect and act perfect you can minimise future shame and judgement, so perfectionism is in fact a defence mechanism and procrastination is a bi-product of that.

Where are you procrastinating in your life? Are you not applying for new jobs or changing careers even though you’re so frustrated in your current position? Are you not wearing that new outfit or buying new clothes because you’re not your ‘perfect’ size yet? Are you avoiding dating because you’re still working on yourself? Are you not inviting friends over because your house isn’t perfect?

Ask yourself what are you afraid of? Being rejected, judged, or criticized? Trust me no one cares what your house looks like, all they want is to have fun with you in your home, no one is expecting you to be perfect in your new job, you’re there to put in great effort and to grow and develop, no one is judging your size or your outfit, they’re just feeling your energy in that outfit, so rock it and own it! Put in your best effort and realise only you can contribute your uniqueness.

Life is not a dress rehearsal; the time is now and as they say: “if you don’t want to be criticized, do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.”

Nisha x