If you’re single there’s no better season than Summer to put yourself out there and get dating; warm evenings, sun dresses, Aperol Spritz, picnics in the park, walks along the river, what’s not to love?

Maybe you’re at that stage though where you’ve had enough of dating and the disappointments and frustration that often come from putting yourself out there. Well, if you are, then I want you to start thinking of dating as if you’re going through a box of chocolates. If you believe in soulmates and destiny stick with me…

Imagine before you came into this world, it was predestined who your soul mate would be, but you weren’t told who he was, or when you’ll find him. It’s like being given a box of chocolates without the accompanying description pamphlet….

Just say your favourite chocolate is a salted caramel one, but you have no idea which one that is in the box, you’re a little frustrated because life would be so much easier if you knew where that chocolate was in the box… but before you get too depressed remind yourself you are getting to eat chocolate, no one is asking to sample different types of eggs for example 🙂

So, on the journey of finding your preferred salted caramel chocolate, you’re going to come across all sorts of chocolates, bitter ones, nutty ones, flaky ones, pretentious ones, cheap ones even, but the key is to:

  • Trust your perfect chocolate exists in the box, even if you’ve gone halfway through the box and you’re feeling disheartened.
  • Not to judge the chocolates, that fudge chocolate is doing the best it can with the ingredients it’s been given, and someone else will love that chocolate!
  • Ask yourself could the wine you’re drinking with the chocolate be clouding your judgement on what that chocolate really tastes like?
  • Be open to new flavours, who knows maybe a marzipan filled chocolate could impress your palette more?
  • Never settle for the Dairy Milk, keep your standards high and trust that your salted caramel is near!

What you don’t want to do is get to the end of your life, and regret not opening up that chocolate box, or to getting to it too late, when the chocolate has passed its sell by date, looking old and not tasting its best.

Don’t be disheartened, join me on the Cleopatra Effect, so that I can help you become the chocolate no man can resist 🙂

Nisha x