2022 is almost here. I’m sure you’ve been reflecting on the year you’ve had and have started to think about your goals for the New Year. New Year, New You, as they say. Well, before you start making your wish list, there is one crucial step that you simply can’t afford to miss; and that is to say: “Thank you!”

Why is this so important? The Law of Attraction works by mirroring back to you whatever you’re feeling (good or bad.) Whenever we get something, we really want the emotion we all feel is Gratitude and the word we all say is “Thank you”.

The brain doesn’t know the difference from fact or fiction it just remembers the feeling and draws to you situations that are in alignment with those feelings of gratitude from having your wish fulfilled.

If you do this frequently enough, you’ll become emotionally connected to that future and because like attracts like, those feelings and events must be mirrored back to you. So, by getting into the gratitude mind set of acting as if you have already achieved your goals will be the quickest way to attract in what you want.

Scientifically as you’re practicing gratitude regularly, your heart starts to beat in a different rhythm, a rhythm that tells the brain it’s safe to create; the brain gets out of survival mode and into creation. Many meditation practices start with doing gratitude exercise before the visualisation, but the key is to be in a grateful state of mind throughout the day, not only for the 15 minutes whilst in a meditative state.

Being grateful put another way is really asking you to live in the moment, take your time in whatever you’re doing and appreciate your surroundings and situation. Using your senses, look for the beauty and be amazed at how blessed you are to be experiencing them. When things aren’t going the way you want, look for the silver lining or blessing.

Know the greatest thing life has offered ALL OF US is the ability to choose how we wish to think or feel about something, and this free will is the biggest gift to change any circumstance in our life….

Here’s to all your wishes coming true in 2022!

Nisha x