Did you know that physical and emotional pain mean the same thing to your brain? When we experience physical pain, such as cutting a finger or burning our hand the same part of the brain lights up as when we experience emotional pain such as rejection, shame, or humiliation, which suggests unpleasant experiences such as being excluded, failing an exam or test, or even being rejected on a dating app literally hurts. Yes, a broken heart is real, and it really does hurt.

Isn’t it funny though, when we feel or witness physical pain, we all rush to heal the injured part of the body. Why is that? Is it because the pain is visible? We would never leave a deep cut unattended to, yet we can go years or even a lifetime not attending to an emotional wound.

Sadly, unlike a cut which in time will heal itself, a deep emotional wound always leaves real residue and scars us, and the more we experience the same kind of hurt, the scars stack up and become a heavier and heavier burden.

These invisible scars are what we attend to on the Cleopatra Effect. With the right questions and using my intuition I help identify exactly where these scars are, where they came from and then using my unique formula, I help transform the pain, just like a doctor would heal its patient, only we don’t put a plaster on the wound, we open it up and let it breathe.

Join me on the Cleopatra Effect to transform your life, if there’s an area in your life you’re struggling with, you can be sure there’s a wound that is crying for your attention, don’t numb the pain, feel the pain to heal it. Once we’ve dealt with it, the transformation will be permanent, that’s my promise.

Nisha x