Have you been trying to accomplish something new in your life but no matter what, you’re remaining stuck? You are not alone, and there is a reason for it. The two things that are the greatest killer of dreams, aspirations, and goals are: fear and self-sabotage.

The problem is your mind. Your primitive subconscious mind, (which equates to 95% of your mind) is much more concerned about your safety than it is about you becoming rich, losing weight or manifesting the perfect job or romantic relationship. It is all too happy with your current status quo. Why? Because it feels safe and familiar. It knows that if you keep on doing what you have been doing and more importantly you are still alive doing it, then what you’ve been doing is working and it’s fulfilling its responsibility of keeping you safe. It doesn’t care about your dreams (that are in your conscious mind), it only cares about your safety.

Self-sabotage is when you desire to have something more; you make goals and plans to get what you desire but then somehow along the way you subconsciously stop yourself either through excuses or thoughts of failure and thoughts that you aren’t good enough for what you desire. These subconscious limiting beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophecy and as a result you remain stuck.

To change, you must reprogram your mind from limiting beliefs of not being worthy or good enough to the opposite of those beliefs. You must create positive affirmations associated with your goals and then repeat them to yourself throughout your day, in your mind and out loud. A Belief is just a thought that you keep on thinking so to change your belief you have to start repeating thoughts over and over in your mind enough times that the old belief is replaced with a new one.

Your beliefs are like path through a field, when you think a negative thought often the path is well defined and the grass and weeds are trampled on so much so that the pathway is obvious but when you start to repeat the exact opposite of that negative belief and you stop thinking that negative belief that pathway will start to fill in with grass and weeds to the point where you can no longer see the path and the negative thought disappears.

The same goes for the new empowered path you want to create, initially it will feel strange, and you won’t be able to see it, but in time that pathway will get stronger and more defined until you eventually will see it. At this stage, when you go towards the direction of your dreams, your subconscious mind will believe your goal is safe, and will actually draw it towards you.

Now is the time to get to work and start planting those new empowered beliefs!

Nisha x