Let me set the scene, its cold and wintery, you’re feeling run down and depressed, so you decide to book a holiday… You decide it’s a beach holiday you want, so you look online and there it is, the perfect exotic holiday that almost feels tailormade for you, you book it and almost instantly you start to feel better right?

Note, you haven’t got there yet, but you can already imagine sunbathing on the beach, sipping a Pina Colada by the poolside, reading your book, enjoying the view, thinking of what to wear tonight at that Sushi restaurant… sounds lovely, yes?

This is the same process my lovely single clients must follow when looking for their soulmate/match. You have to keep your eye on the prize and feel yourself being in that perfect romantic relationship right now, even if your current love life sucks.

Dating isn’t always easy, you may have to kiss a few frogs on the way or dodge a few bullets and much like the journey to your exotic location it can come with some hiccups along the way such as: COVID, delays at the airports, uncomfortable plane journeys, long stop offs or even misplaced luggage. But no matter what stressful blocks you might encounter along the way, you would never give up mid-journey and return to your original destination would you? No, you would hopefully trust its part of the journey and keep focused on the destination.

The truth is, once you’ve gotten there and you find yourself relaxing in the heat, you’ll forget all about the journey and will just be pinching yourself you’re here. So, treat finding love the same way, trust the process, you might have to change your strategy along the way, and maybe not use dating apps, perhaps you just need to be out and about more, or ask friends to fix you up instead.

All you have to do is get clear on what kind of partner you want, much like deciding what type of holiday you desire, beach, city break, skiing, remember the choice is always yours.

Nisha x