Course Details

“You get in Life what you have the courage to ask for…””

Course Details

  • The course takes place on a One-2-One basis either in a private London location, or via Zoom.
  • The course runs for three consecutive days and can include weekends.
  • Timings are from 10am to 5pm every day. Note some sessions may last longer.
  • As the sessions are held as a one-2-one, flexibility on timings and dates is available.
  • Pricing from £2999  with a 3-month payment plan on offer.
  • Women aged 16+ can attend.

“Life is 10% of what happens to You and 90% of how you Respond to it.“

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Loving yourself isn’t Vanity, it’s Sanity.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course differ from Life Coaching?
Life coaching usually happens on a weekly basis for an hour at a time so transformations take place over a longer period. This course has been specifically created so that you immerse yourself in your self-development for 3 consecutive days, for 6 hours a day. The course is intense but devised to be that way to get the best results.
If I need further coaching after the course, is that possible?
As part of the course, 21 DAY follow up and mentoring is offered free of charge and is optional. Some clients need it to keep the momentum going. After those 21 days if more time is required that can be arranged at an hourly rate. 
Can I train in a group?
This course initially started in a group environment but ongoing feedback was they wanted Nisha to themselves and would have felt more open to share their personal stories without an audience. The course is now as a one-2-one or in small groups with women who know each other and are comfortable in each others company.

“Nisha is awesome, I knew that when I visited London I would do this course as she really took the time on the phone to explain how this course would impact my life. Well I can tell you it did impact my life and I am now in the process of leaving my full-time job to follow my dream career in catering. Loving 2018!”

Kay, Aged 35

“I can’t believe how powerful the course was Nisha! I’ve still got butterflies of how I felt at the end. I still feel so empowered and am no longer looking outwardly for the answers, all the answers are within me and you seemed to know exactly how to get them out of me, genius!”

Louise, Aged 32

“My Husband said that I went off to the course as a different woman and I’ve come back as the woman he married! I had honestly lost my mojo and didn’t even realise. Life and responsibilities were pulling me down but now I‘m a powerful wife and mother and cannot wait to embrace all that I have learnt.”

Wendy, Aged 39

“It is true that if you were to meet me I would seem like a have it all, a good income, a successful career and a great social life but I knew something was missing. I was overcome with guilt for not being happy. On the course we worked out my ‘Purpose’ and it’s changed everything!”

Liz, Aged 44