Are you wanting something so badly, maybe a dream job, a new relationship or a baby and it’s just not happening. Do you feel you’ve tried everything and all you’re getting is dead ends that lead you to feelings of desperation and devastation? Are you feeling shame and guilt for the feelings of jealously and envy that arise in you, when everyone else seems to have what you want?

Well let the story of my best friend be an inspiration for you. You see she had been trying for a baby ever since she got married at the age of 36. With fertility rates dropping off by the age of 35 she didn’t want to waste anytime…. and sure, those scary fertility stats were confirmed, every time she came on her period.

It wasn’t long before she and husband were on the IVF trail. Failed attempts, miscarriages were all to follow, each one bruising then eventually breaking their hearts and with all their friends and family announcing pregnancies (some well into their 40’s) it was like someone was stabbing them then twisting the knife.

But they persevered, and then they persevered some more with depleted energy levels. So how long do you think they persevered for? What is the right time limit you should give to your dreams? Well, I now know from their story, there is no time limit, and if you stay true to yourself and follow your hearts deepest desire as if it were the northern star you will be granted your wish and one day you will look back and see that it was just a delay not a denial.

On April 10th, 2024, Jasmine, 2 months before her 50th birthday gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl, called Seren, (which incidentally means ‘star’ in Welsh). Seren was in fact their northern star, guiding them to their happily ever after…..

Nisha x