Confidence it is said, is obtained in a 3-step process.

Step 1 – Surface Confidence: How you look, what you wear, what people see: aka your Mask

Step 2 – Lifestyle Confidence: How you live, your career, your marital status, your finances etc.

Step 3 – Core Confidence: What you believe to be true about yourself aka your self-esteem and self-worth.

Style ME Agency is all about building client’s Surface Confidence to help them build a lifestyle them want: A new job? A new relationship? More friends? Sure, I can style you to get just that, which in return will build your lifestyle Confidence.

Surface Confidence for myself has always come very easy as I’ve always known I know how to make the most of my looks, so in the past, when clients have come to me crying because they’ve put on so much weight or they hate the way they look, I’ve had empathy, but I had never really felt first-hand how much looks (or the change of looks) effects one’s self-esteem and confidence.

Remember how I said, I was tested on everything I wrote about in the Cleopatra Effect Course, well in 2019 just after I had finished writing it, I was put to the ultimate test and my Surface Confidence was shaken to the core.

I got an eye infection that just wouldn’t go away. 1 month later my left eye had completely changed shape and I felt that I looked deformed, I couldn’t face anyone. Here I was preaching self-love, but I couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror each morning.

This went on for 4 months, with doctors saying plastic surgery was the last resort with no guarantee my eyes would ever be symmetrical again. I was so scared, and I couldn’t believe that the confidence I had always taken for granted had simply vanished.

Determined not to have the surgery I committed to changing my lifestyle and went on a 30-day raw fruit and vegetable cleanse by the medical medium Anthony Williams. He guarantees in his book that this is the ultimate cleanse to heal any ailment. I was so desperate that I wholeheartedly committed to it, all the while visualising my eye returning to itself/normal.

I booked a celebratory holiday before I started the cleanse, visualising my eye being healed and me chilling by the pool but sadly on day 30, at the end of the cleanse my eyes were still imbalanced. I felt sad but also proud of myself for committing to the program but then to my amazement on day 1 of my holiday, I went to the bathroom mirror (after a well-deserved cocktail by the pool) and to my astonishment my eyes had completely gone back to normal!

I’m sure you can only imagine how good that felt. I will now never take my looks for granted and I now have so much genuine empathy for women who are struggling with how they look. I’m so happy to include in the Cleopatra Effect Course a personal styling section where I teach attendees how to style themselves to perfection with the right choice of colours and styles of clothing.

Surface confidence isn’t everything, but it does play a massive part of confidence, and that shouldn’t be dismissed. I’m so proud to call myself a Personal Stylist as we really do have the ability to change lives for the better, helping our clients to look fantastic which results in them feeling amazing and confident!