February the month of romance. With Valentine’s Day approaching, messages of love are everywhere. Whether you’re in a relationship or single I ask you, how deep is your love? Not love for your other half but love for yourself. And when I talk about love for yourself, I don’t mean conceited love; as in: I love the way I look, I love my job, or I love my life. No, I mean love for your true self.

It’s easy to love yourself when things are going right, but true love for yourself is asking yourself do I love myself unconditionally? Do I love myself even when things aren’t going to plan, when I don’t look or feel my best, when my health isn’t at its best, when I’m struggling at work, when things aren’t going my way? How do I treat and talk to myself then?

On the Cleopatra Effect, a big awakening for most of my clients is when they discover our love for ourselves is often conditional to external events. We are often nicer to others than we are to ourselves. This can be quite hard to face, especially when I break down the science to this.

We are all made of around 30 trillion cells, imagine they are all mini you’s, with your DNA in every single cell. They work so hard for you, working behind the scenes to keep you alive. They are like sponges believing anything you tell them, and they react accordingly. They are craving your attention and your love. So, before you go ‘out there’ looking for love or maintaining the love you have for your other half, don’t forget about loving you first, listening to your inner voice, asking yourself what would show your cells that you really love them.

Self-care is the new buzz word for self-love, and it shouldn’t be dismissed as something as simple as having a bath lit with candles for some ‘me’ time. On The Cleopatra Effect course, we take self-love very seriously, from how we treat ourselves, from what we wear, to what we eat, to how we spend our time, to what we believe to be true about ourselves.

My guarantee for any women coming on the course, she will leave being deeply in love with herself, it’s the unexpected love story she never expected, it happens every time!

Nisha x