You should never ask a lady how old she is right? Why is that? Maybe it’s something to do with the word in the question. Old isn’t seen as positive thing. When we think of the word old, we can often have an image of an aging person, not someone full of vitality.

It’s funny when you are younger you are counting the years away, my niece will tell me I’m 7 and a half (implying she’s nearly 8) and when you’re 16 you’re dying to be 18 and when you’re 18 you want to be 21! Until you get to your 30’s and you’re holding on to each year dreading to hit your 40’s. As you can tell I’m talking from my personal experience!

Maybe we should change the question to “How young are you?” Would we then proudly tell our ages. The truth is, your age does not matter, it’s how you feel each day. My mum is 71 and doesn’t look it, she’s still doing 2 classes a day at the gym and does not want her age to define her.

As a Personal Stylist, I know first-hand how women are spending a fortune trying to look as young as they can, from the Botox to the Fillers, and although I’m all for self-improvement, I also think we should embrace the changes that are occurring. Lines on our faces, shows that we’ve lived and laughed and cried… isn’t that why we came here? With each birthday, especially a milestone birthday, why not be full of gratitude that you made it here!

Or take inspiration from my nan, who actually never knew how old she was… With no birth certificate when she arrived in this country, neither she nor the 6 children that followed ever knew her age, so she never had to conform to what society expected of a woman of her age. And trust me, if anyone lived her life to the full, she did! Every day was her birthday and she made sure we all knew it….

Ask yourself this, how would you live, if you didn’t know your age?

Nisha x