Using Cleopatra as my inspiration I went about creating a female empowerment course. The only vision I had in the beginning was that women would start the course feeling varying degrees of dissatisfaction with their lives; be it in their personal life, working life or perhaps even their whole life but would leave the course feeling empowered, confident, victorious, and ready to rule their Queendom!

That was my vision, (not a small task!) But, as they say, when you go about achieving your goals, all you have to do is take the first step then the Universe will step in and provide you with the inspiration/guidance to make it happen, one step at a time.

So, I started by asking my female friends, family, clients, and delegates to tell me what qualities they felt a modern-day Cleopatra should own? What I noticed was how all their faces lit up whilst describing this modern-day queen, almost as if she was this fictional character they were in awe of; owning qualities they could only dream of.

Using all the adjectives I had gathered, I was overwhelmed as to how I would put them all together, but whilst meditating inspiration came in the form of an acronym, using the letters of her name CLEOPATRA to create her identity of a 21st Century Queen.

This was the easy bit, once I started, I knew exactly what adjectives would form her identity.

Cleopatra – A Modern Day Queen who is:

C: CONFIDENT to the core
L: Oozing self LOVE
P: Living her PURPOSE
A: ATTRACTING the life she wants
T: TRUSTING in the Universe
R: Taking RESPONSIBILITY for her life
A: APPRECIATING all that she has

I literally had butterflies every time I thought of her and goosebumps at the thought of becoming her. Like I said this was the easy part. The hard part was becoming her…. And so the journey began…..