As a Personal Stylist, I’ve styled so many different types of women. When I first started my career having just left the corporate world behind, the ‘cash rich time poor woman’ was the type of client I attracted the most; some of whom even had a budget of around £10k a season. Now you must be thinking, wow they must have looked incredible dressed head to toe in designer clothes, and sure enough they did, but for so many of them, they lacked the most important thing, which ironically wouldn’t have cost them a thing; and that is a Smile!

They were miserable; perhaps feeling guilty for not spending enough time with their families or perhaps they hated their jobs and the pressure that came with it. Many of them confessed to me afterwards they spent so much on clothes to compensate for a feeling of lack within them. So, I concluded very early on that it doesn’t matter what you wear, where you hang out or how Instagram worthy your life seems, without a smile you’re missing the point.

My aim on the Cleopatra Effect course is to find out what is making my client frown, where has this dis- ease originated from and how can we go about and change it, so that that frown can be turned into a smile. In a world of Botox and Fillers we are removing the frowns artificially when we have the ability within us to do it naturally.

We all know that feeling of excitement, happiness and gratitude when we’re in a new-found love, or when we’re laughing uncontrollably with friends or on an amazing adventure. Strangely people will comment on how good we look, younger even and we haven’t made any changes to our clothes or make up! That’s because our cells, all 30 trillion of them are being fed with happiness endorphins and then multiplying so that we not only feel happy but look great too.

My commitment for anyone who attends the course is to leave not only looking sensational but feeling it too; smiling from the inside out, appreciating all they have, excited about what the future brings… As we all know nothing is more contagious than a smile and there’s nothing prettier on a girl than her smile.