Tony Robbins is a passionate man, his training is about unleashing the power within you, to achieve any of your goals. He famously says: “Energy flows where attention goes.” His teachings involve you getting really clear on what you want. That goal must have purpose and meaning to you, (as this is what will drive you or fuel you achieve it) and then you must get obsessed with achieving it.

The goal setting part is the best part, sure you can visualise and feel the excitement for having accomplished that goal but so often it’s the journey to that goal which hinders us.

When things are going well it’s easy to keep up that energetic momentum but it’s when things aren’t going to plan or taking much longer than expected that we start to feel frustrated and omit the frequency of lack. That feeling (due to Law Attraction) is what gets drawn back to us via more ‘lacking/frustrating’ situations, leaving us feeling deflated and far from passionate about our original goal.

This however is the crucial moment of your journey and must be not taken as a sign that your goal isn’t valid or that you’re not worthy of it. No, instead it’s just a signpost to let you know that you’ve taken the wrong path and this current path doesn’t warrant any more of your energy. It’s a sign to take a different route. Your approach is the thing that needs changing. not the goal. You may have to zigzag your way to your goal, and that’s fine, in fact this is how the brain has been devised. The brain is a goal seeking tool, it zigzags its way to your destination/goal by acting on negative feedback and changing route.

The key is to know when you are wasting your energy on the wrong route. Luckily you have an inner devise that’s always guiding you, and that is your feelings. Check in on yourself daily, remember your feelings are there to nudge and guide you, so honour them, they are your best barometer to your goal and will never let you down.

Nisha x