If I ask you what’s your name? You won’t hesitate to tell me what it is, or have to think about it first, or go to your phone to check what it is, right? Instead, because you 100% know what it is, you will confidently tell me your name.

Now, how did that happen? Well, when you were a baby, you kept hearing that name when people looked at you or tried to get your attention, it didn’t just happen once, it happened regularly throughout the day. That name became your identity and continues to be so. So much so that if someone addresses you with a different name, you wouldn’t even look up or you would look around behind you to see if they were talking to someone else. Every cell of your body knows what your name is.

This is how you create a new identity for yourself. Say for example you’re feeling tired, ill, or sad even and you no longer want to be, instead you want to be full of vitality, well and happy. You must change your language first and say the opposite of what you’re feeling, starting with the two most powerful words “I am”.

Wake up every day and say: “I am full of vitality, I am well, I am happy.” Of course, your mind and body will initially reject it, but just like your name became your identity with spaced repetition, sooner or later your body will retreat and start to believe you; thinking “well, you keep telling me you’re well and happy, so you must be” therefore I must comply and make you feel well and happy. Every cell of your body now believes you.

To change how you feel, you must change your language, as that’s the first step to changing your identity. Spaced repetition is key. Tell me, what are you going to be? Happy, slim, rich, excited, loved, free?

On The Cleopatra Effect, you get to decide your new identity and with my guidance using my 9-step process we not only create it, we solidify it, so that identity for you becomes as strong as your name.

Nisha x