With the economy the way it is, many of us are living with a feeling of lack. But the worst and most dangerous place to live in scarcity is in the mind, because when you live in scarcity in the mind you end up holding on to things that truly don’t serve you. It could be an unfulfilled romantic relationship, a job you hate or even a friendship you’ve outgrown. We hold on in scarcity because we don’t believe there is more or better out there for us.

The three most common and limiting beliefs I coach my clients through are:

“There’s not enough.”

“I’m not enough.”

‘I’m not good enough”.

The opposite of scarcity/ not enough is abundance and when you truly can change your mindset to believing you are enough, there is enough, and you are good enough everything changes for you.

Changing your mindset to abundance, takes effort and determination but once you get it, it’s like breathing. The one thing we all trust in is our breath. We don’t hold on to a single breath because we 100% know the next breath is coming, so it’s easy for us to let go and trust.

If we could only trust in the Universe that its forever providing for us, that there is an abundance of everything to go around, we would relax and let go, and when we’re relaxed and not clingy in desperation, we would be able to see the opportunities all around us.

But for your outer world to change you have to change your limiting beliefs within your mind first, this is where the magic lies, it’s not out there. I’ll show you on the Cleopatra Effect Course exactly how, why and where your scarcity mindset has held you back and more importantly exactly how to become abundance in every area of your life.

Nisha x