When I tell my clients, especially the busy working mums “you need to spend some time looking after you, you need to meditate, you need to prioritize you”, I know half of the them are looking at me with contempt and probably thinking you have no idea how much I have to do in a day, there simply is NO time for me, until the end of the night, when I’m so tired I just want to slouch in front of the TV.

I get it, all our to do lists are getting bigger and bigger and fitting in ‘me time’ can almost add to the stress. But there is always a solution. This is where the 5am club comes in. When I was struggling with my own time management, I decided (begrudgingly) to join it. Apparently, all successful entrepreneurs are doing it, so why wouldn’t I? By doing it, I mean waking up at 5am and owning your morning, it’s your time to spend on you.

Robin Sharma is the creator of the club and has a specific 20/20/20 formula, where you combine exercise, reading, meditating, journaling, and goal setting. 5am to 6am is considered the golden hour to do all those things, where you are showing yourself that you are a priority. Note this is not the time to unload the dishwasher or washing machine or watch TV!

Initially I thought can’t I just wake up at 6am, I only need an extra hour but what I noticed was waking up at 5am was actually quite magical, the birds are singing, you can hear no traffic, the house is silent and I don’t know if it a clever marketing tool but I do feel like I’m in a special club… knowing billionaires around the world are doing it, makes me feel like I’m in an exclusive club.

Of course, I have to go to bed earlier, 10pm vs. 11.30pm but its working, I’m enjoying it. The best part is, once you’ve spent that time on you in the morning, and you’ve attended to your inner child, higher self and physical self; you feel aligned, you’ve given yourself the one thing you’ve been craving for: time! Then you can wholeheartedly give your time to others and your to do list.

Nisha x