What is Charisma?

A dictionary description would say: Charisma is a special power that some people have that’s makes them able to influence others and attract attention and admiration.

A spiritual definition would say: Charisma is about letting the light within us shine bright. It’s about the sparkle that money can’t buy, and no amount of make-up can create; it’s that inner confidence and peace that just radiates through you.

Cleopatra had charisma; men wanted her, and women wanted to be just like her, you could say she was the original influencer…. How about you? How charismatic are you feeling? Do people radiate towards you? Are you smiling from within? Are you captivating your audience?

On the Cleopatra Effect Course, I love teaching woman how to glow from within, both physically and emotional. Until then here are some tips on how to create charisma and there’s no better time than party season to put this knowledge into practice:

  1. Give the person you’re talking to your undivided attention, really listen to what they’re saying, be present in the conversation, don’t be scanning the room, looking for something or someone more interesting to engage with. People will always remember how you made them feel.
  2. Make others feel important, it’s the small details that matter, remember their name, occupation, or some other detail they have previously shared with you.
  3. Speak clearly so they that can understand you, but also think before you speak, especially if you’ve had a few drinks, your tongue can get looser so be mindful not to offend anyone, remember witty is sexy sarcasm isn’t.
  4. Stand tall, posture is everything. Be graceful especially if you’ve had a few drinks so stay composed.
  5. Smile and give eye contact, especially if you want to get someone’s attention; no special moments can be created looking down at your phone!
  6. Step out of your comfort zone and mingle especially with others who you may not normally talk to, you never know what doors of opportunity can open for you.
  7. My favourite is, ask yourself: what are you bringing to the party, not in terms of a gift but in terms of your energy. Are you adding to the mix or are you expecting to be entertained? Look at yourself as the star of the movie and grace the room with your presence, you’ll soon see how irresistible you are and most importantly have fun! Having fun is infectious

Nisha x