A new career, a soulmate, a slimmer body, more wealth? It’s the start of the year and I’m sure you’re full of enthusiasm and prepared to put in the effort. But here’s the thing; to attract what you want you shouldn’t have to ‘try’ to do anything.

The Law of Resonance says you attract what you are, not what you want. In other words, trying harder to get what you want, isn’t going to get you that, instead you have to be in alignment, a frequency match for the things you desire. If you’re not a frequency match, you can by hook or crook get it, for example the dream guy or that dream job or even drop a dress size, but you won’t be able to sustain or keep it because you’re not a frequency match for it, and then once again, you’ll lose it and be left feeling disappointed, devastated even, as all your efforts will have been in vain.

So how do you get into alignment with what you want? Firstly, you have to trust everything you desire is already there for the taking, and if it’s not coming to you, (yet you keep on trying), you have to conclude the problem is within you, not out there.

Know the things that are not in alignment with you, are doing their utmost to stay away from you, because, your beliefs, stories and definitions are keeping them away from you and the things you are trying to get away from you, such as excess weight or sabotaging habits such as over drinking for example are not getting away because your because your beliefs, your stories and definitions are holding onto them!

So, the true secret to the law of attraction is not how to learn to attract what you prefer, it’s to learn how to let go off what you don’t want so that you can let in what’s always been trying to get to you, the moment you asked for it.

So instead of creating, yet another vision board, or joining a new dating app, or going on yet another diet, why don’t you truly invest in yourself, book on to the Cleopatra Effect course, where I will get to the root of the problem within you, then remove the blocks that are stopping you from getting what you truly deserve and desire.

Nisha x