On the Cleopatra Effect Course, or more specially on the acronym CLEOPATRA, P stands for a woman who is living her Purpose. What does that even mean to live your Purpose? Many of us are confused or worse disillusioned because we don’t feel we are doing what we are supposed to be doing or living to our full potential.

On the course, I do a very clever technique to help delegates work out exactly what their Purpose is. Here’s a clue, it’s not in the acquiring of a status such as: married or mother and it’s definitely not in your job title.

Here’s a teaser, on the course we work out what you’re passionate about, what ignites your fire, what fills you with joy, what makes you come alive! My personal goal for anyone who attends the course, is that they leave the course full of excitement for their future.

I need to know what’s the light at the end of the tunnel for them and by light I don’t mean a speck of light, I mean fireworks! I want them to describe to me a future that not only gives them goosebumps but gives me goosebumps too! They must have the vision of what a fulfilled life looks and feels like and then together we put together a plan on how they will achieve it.

We revisit their past and remind ourselves of moments when they were happiest, what were they doing that made them so happy and full of passion? How were they feeling? That is where we can find their hidden Purpose!

We then teach them to bring those exact feelings into their present and future. It’s not as hard as it seems; as adults we often just get side-tracked by trying to acquire things that we think will make us happy vs. doing things that truly make us happy…. and no surprise, it’s the simplest of things that fuel our happiness, joy and passion.

Nisha x