Are you single right now, or in an unfulfilled relationship? Are you looking for someone to complete you, to take away the anxiety and loneliness you’re feeling? Perhaps you’re taking the right steps to meet them, but what if I told you the person, you’re looking for is actually closer to you than you think and you don’t have to go anywhere to meet them?

The person that has the power to take away that anxiety and keep it at bay is YOU!

Let’s talk about the brain. The brain has two hemispheres, left and right. The Left is more analytical; thinking vs. feeling and looks at things from past and future perspective vs. the right hemisphere that is more feeling, intuitive, creative and is said to be more present.

The big thing is although we have two hemispheres, we all generally tend to use one side more than the other. This is what makes us feel separate because they are polarised brains, both sides are not communicating effectively together which can be the reason for our anxiety and depression….

So, what we tend to do, is look outside of ourselves to take that feeling away or numb the pain or we convince ourselves that when we find our other half we will be/feel complete!

But the ‘other half’ we are looking for, is in fact just the other side of our brain and the tool to find it, is Meditation! The link between the two parts of the brain is called ‘white matter’ and in just 4 weeks of meditation the white matter will increase and will result in better communication between the two sides of brain. Now we begin to feel aligned, less separate, and at peace with ourselves without having to look out there for anyone to complete us!

On the Cleopatra Effect Course, I will teach you more about how our amazing brain works and the five other benefits meditating regularly will do for your well-being. Every client who’s been on the course now meditates daily and has said the results have been life-changing!

Nisha x