Say you want to attract a new job with a much greater salary than you’re used to, consciously you know you deserve it, you’ve worked really hard to prove yourself over the last couple of years, so you’re applying for jobs, maybe even getting to the interview stages but for some reason or the other, you don’t get the job. How are you feeling? Deflated, disappointed, devasted?

Chances are, there’s a version of you, inside you that simply doesn’t believe its worthy of that higher salary and living in abundance. That part of you is called the ‘wounded inner child’ and it’s that innocent part of you that’s actually stopping you from living a life full of abundance. The Universe hasn’t neglected you or your dreams it’s your inner child that’s stopping you from achieving your dreams.

Like the metaphor of a bow and arrow, it can’t go forward, until it’s pulled back and the tighter it goes, the further forward it can travel. Your wounded inner child needs to be affirmed, valued, and made to feel worthy. Until you go back and visit her, see her, make her feel safe and understood and sooth her, she will keep on blocking your growth and you’ll remain stuck.

Going back and visiting our wounds takes courage, and like a child who likes to play hide and seek, more often than not, we ourselves can’t find where the wounds are or where they’ve originated from. This is the work, I’m so honoured to do with my Cleopatra Effect clients. Using my intuitive skills, building their trust, together we courageously go inwards and back and search for the wounds; and when we find them we don’t rip them out, we sooth them.

When you stop neglecting your wounded inner child and instead, acknowledge her, affirm to her she is worthy and deserving, she will begin to trust you, and together we will set her free and she in return will become your best ally, the best business partner or recruitment manager you could ask for and like the bow and arrow, the tighter and further you go back, the quicker and further you will go.

Let me help you reach your goals, quicker than you think, via The Cleopatra Effect.

Nisha x